Hen dos are usually expensive affairs.

Gone are the days when a night at the pub, complete with L-plates and novelty straws, was enough. Now it’s weekends away, or even abroad, with various expensive activities planned throughout the weekend and gifts, cards, fancy dress outfits to organise and buy.

Having said that, it’s all worth it in the end to celebrate the bride finding love and bond with the other hens before the Big Day. Isn’t it? Well for one woman, this didn’t exactly ring true, as although she was expected to shell out hundreds for the hen do, she wasn’t actually invited to the wedding. Not even the evening do.

She didn’t actually post the dilemma on Reddit herself, but her friend told the story, much to the outrage of other Reddit users…

‘NCed for this as it’s not my story but wanted to share:’ she wrote.

‘She’s driving 3.5 hours on Friday evening, taking two people. Paying £160 for two nights at a hotel. Couldn’t get the Friday off work and told the group this – but they’ve arranged that (paid for with her hotel money) events – spa day etc – are all arranged on the Friday.

‘It’s been demanded that she pays £50 towards a table in a club that’s an hour away from where they are staying. Food and drink isn’t included.

‘She’s driving three people back from the hen do on the Sunday.


‘She’s going to go, but only because she paid half up front, but my god the gall!’

Reddit users were quick to comment on the thread, saying that the writer’s friend should ‘cut her losses’ and ditch the hen do. Others were more on the fence, claiming the readers didn’t know the full story.

Others suggested that the only reason the friend had been invited was so that she could act as a ‘taxi service’.

What do you think the answer is to this hen do dilemma? Is it poor etiquette to invite someone to the hen do, but not the wedding? Should the hen in question still go? We’re all for honouring commitments, but is this a step too far? Let us know my commenting below, or on our Facebook page – @womanmagazine.