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It’s Mother’s Day and many mums will be readying themselves for on onslaught of fresh flowers from their nearest and dearest. Nothing says ‘your special’ quite like an arrangement of pretty blooms, with roses topping the list of bouquets with the ‘love you ma’ factor. And while we couldn’t be more excited about the prospect of a delivery to our bedside come March 26th, there’s always that niggling guilt when our feature florals wilt in less than the time is takes to say ‘you shouldn’t have’.

To keep your flowers fresh for as long as possible, follow our tops tips:

  1. If its a hand-tied you should keep the string around the stems in place so the bouquet holds its shape, says the Good Florist Guide. If you want to make a couple of vases from your gift, snip the string carefully and arrange as required but always make sure that any part of the stem that will sit in the water is leaf-free as loose foliage will contaminate the water and decrease flower life.
  2. Cut your flower stems at a 45 degree angle, one inch from the base. This will create a larger surface area meaning that your flowers can soak up even more water and nutrients.

3. Worried about overwatering our orchid? Place a cube of ice on the soil to release water at a steady rate. This applies to other flowers that need minimal moisture.

4. Flowers apparently love a good drink as much as we do. Bacteria in water is the enemy of any healthy bouquet. And popping in a couple of drops of vodka is said to act as an anti-bacterial agent. The only stickler here is ready supply of spare vodka! In lieu of a bottle of the clear stuff change vase water regularly.

5. And if you really want a lasting memory, why not dry your flowers and preserve them in a beautiful frame?

6. Keep that fruit bowl well away from your flowers. If you’re planning to display your bouquet in the kitchen put some distance between it and your bunch of bananas. Fruit emits ethylene gas, which will act to kill your flowers off before they’ve even had a chance to shine. Similarly keep flowers away from direct sunlight. Windowsill displays will need to be reserved for your herbs.

7. If your flowers have been delivered in a ‘bubble’ of water take them out as soon as possible. While the packaging may look pretty a bubble is really only for delivery purposes. It’s fine to leave them in the wrapping for up to 12 hours but after that you should transfer them to a vase. A top tip is to hold the bouquet over a sink and slice the wrapping at the bottom so the water pours out.  If you tilt the bouquet like a jug you may get spillage.

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