Everybody has a different sex life.

And while how sexually active you are can be determined by a whole host of different factors – health, time of the month, whether you’re in a relationship – we bet you never thought your address could have anything to do with it.

But a survey has now been released that reveals the places in the country where residents have the least – and most – sex.

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According to research conducted by adult retailer Lovehoney, the area in the whole country where people have the least sex is a town up north in West Yorkshire.

After conducting their research in 725 towns across the UK, the retailer found that people who live in Batley in West Yorkshire have the least sex in the country.

least sexually active towns uk revealed

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Research also found that residents from the same area are less likely to be sexually adventurous as it has the lowest sales of erotic toys.

And when it came to the most sexually active place in the country?

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The study headed down south to London.

It turns out that the sexiest place in the country is in fact Dagenham in Essex. Findings show that those from the town own more vibrators than any other place in the country and spend the most amount of money on sex toys.

So which other towns made the list?

Least sexually active towns in the UK

  1. Batley, West Yorkshire
  2. Birkenhead – Merseyside
  3. Battle – East Sussex
  4. West Bromwich – West Midlands
  5. Sale – Greater Manchester
  6. Salford – Greater Manchester
  7. Barrow-in-Furness – Cumbria
  8. Swanscombe – Kent
  9. Rayleigh – Essex
  10. Mayfield – East Sussex

Most sexually active towns in the UK

  1. Dagenham, East London
  2. Southsea, Hampshire
  3. Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire
  4. Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk
  5. Sidcup, Kent
  6. Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire
  7. Romford, Essex
  8. Ely, Cambridgeshire
  9. Bathgate, West Lothian
  10. Sheerness, Kent

‘Residents of Dagenham own more sex toys than anywhere else and they came second for bondage items and sexy role play outfits,’ said Lovehoney’s product director Bonny Hall.

‘All our data shows that couples with great sex lives enjoy higher overall levels of happiness,’ she continued, ‘so head to Dagenham if you want to be part of the UK’s most sexually happy town!

Bonny added: ‘The table also shows that sex in the suburbs is booming with lots of commuter towns in the South East featuring in the top 20.’