The mother-of-seven who was jailed back in 2008 for her part in the plot to kidnap her own daughter, has been confronted by an 'angry mob' according to reports.

She was jailed for eight years back in 2008 for kidnapping her own daughter Shannon Matthews. And since then she’s reached infamy after the drama The Moorside gave the nation an insight into what really happened during one of the most shocking child abuse cases in decades.

Now, Karen Matthews has once again been thrust under the media spotlight after reports broke that she had been confronted by an “angry mob at Poundland”.

The incident, which broke outside a branch of the discount store, was first reported on social media. It allegedly broke out after someone accused Matthews of taking photos of children while stood with a friend.

She was seen having an argument with a woman inside the store before being approached by a large crowd. The police have confirmed that they were called to a branch of Poundland due to reports of an argument involving a woman in her early forties.

Speaking to the Sun, a witness who saw the incident unfold said: “All of a sudden I saw all these people run, and literally shout and throw abuse at her basically. You could tell it was her. And everyone was shouting it too.”

They added: “I don’t know exactly what happened, and I don’t know exactly what was said. People were just saying: “Can I have your phone, to remove that picture of my child?”

According to the Sun a police spokesman said: “We were called at 2.45pm on June 29 to reports of an argument between two women in Poundland. Officers attended, both parties were spoken to and the incident was resolved. No offences have been reported.”

The 42-year-old mother is now said to be living under a new identity, 200 miles away from Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, where her daughter, Shannon, was found drugged inside the base of a bed.

Why was Karen Matthews jailed?

The nation’s heartstrings were pulled when reports of a nine-year-old girl had gone missing hit the news back in 2008. Shannon’s mother made several public pleas for the safe return of her daughter.

However, the nation became outraged when it later emerged that the missing girl’s mother was involved in the plot. Karen Matthews and Michael Donovan orchestrated a plot to try and gain the reward money of £50,000 for Shannon’s safe return.

She was jailed for eight years in 2008 but only served half of her sentence.