We LOVE this!


If you are blessed with an ample cleavage, finding a bra that flatters your form is only half the battle. Getting it to fit – without suffering from a dreaded case of side boob – is the other 50 per cent.

Do you put it on the furthest set of hooks for comfort or the one nearest for a snugger profile? How about the straps – long and loose or high and haughty? The struggle is genuinely real.

With the countdown to summer officially on, there’s no getting away from those vest tops and the awkward gap between the end of your top and the start of your brassiere! Step in the Swoop and Scoop technique, the answer to our boob-related dramas. Here it is in action:

In a nutshell it’s getting your hands in and making sure your breast tissue sits where it ought to.

In the before image the bra is sitting on the breasts, while in the after picture they’re encasing them. From pah to perky – we’re sold! Over to Curvy Kate’s Chantelle Crabb to explain the ins and outs:

“The ‘Scoop and Swoop’ method ensures that all of your breast tissue is pulled away from your underarm and brought forward into the cups. It results in most women needing more volume in the cup but the overall look is much more streamlined, projected and most of all comfortable.”

Need to go strapless?

Fellow big-boobed lady Ashley Graham has an excellent tip for making sure the ‘girls’ stay in place.

‘Tip for wearing a strapless bra – go down a size only in the band. Keeps the girls lifted without suffocating them.’ We think Ashley looks fantastic, so we’ll certainly be trying her advice!

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