Want to lose more weight? Just make sure you get an early night. It turns out that going to bed late can actually make you pile on the pounds! 

People who burn the midnight oil are much more likely to put on weight by binging on junk food and alcohol, according to data from fitness tracker Jawbone.

In fact, getting to bed any time after 11pm is apparently very detrimental to your waistline…

To get technical, people who go to bed later than 11pm are said to consume an average of 220 calories more the next day.

The study was based on data collected by Jawbone UP, which is a fitness wristband that monitors exercise and sleep. Users then go on to input how much food and alcohol they consume throughout the day.

The findings found that the earlier you go to bed, the less likely you are to snack the next day.

So if you can be asleep by 10pm, you have a must better chance of eating healthily the next day, as well as giving your metabolism a boost and being more rested.

The perfect excuse for getting into bed with a good book and cup of tea early tonight…