How to pack to go away: packing hacks from the travel experts and frequent flyers

You’ve booked the flights, found the perfect hotel and had the time off work approved. You’ve sorted your suncream supplies, brought your bikinis and can’t wait to wear your new holiday wardrobe – now you’ve just got to pack it.

Packing a suitcase before you jet off on a holiday is viewed by many as one of the most arduous chores to complete before you finally get to go on the holiday you’ve been waiting for.

So, here’s how to pack like a pro…

Just roll with it

Travel blogger Tom Bourlet suggests substituting the classic fold for a space-saving roll when it comes to packing all of your clothes into your case. “Rolling clothes can actually work better than folding when it comes to saving space,” he said. “Vacuum packs are also very much a worthwhile purchase” Tom adds.

Fellow travel blogger Elle Croft totally agrees, “there’s a lot of debate about whether rolling or folding your clothes saves more space, but after trying both techniques, I’m a firm believer in rolling. Not only does it save space, but it also helps reduce wrinkles and lines, saving you from ironing on your holiday!”

Share the load

Compensation specialist airFair reminds us not to forget ‘the oldest trick in the book’ – wear the heaviest stuff on the place!

“Wear your heaviest outfit to travel as this can save on weight and leave room for other items in hand luggage.” Especially when heading to the mountains for a snow break, wearing your ski jacket and snow boots to travel can really save on space.

It’s a shoe in

Sandy Vernon, Creative Director at Hobbs, suggests using every inch of space in your suitcase – including the insides of your shoes! “Use the inside of your shoes to pack small items and jewellery” she recommends.

Elle agrees, and adds that shoes should also go into the suitcase first, “pack your shoes at the bottom of your suitcase, and along the edges, with the soles facing the suitcase to stop any dirt from rubbing onto your clothes.”

Sandy also suggests avoiding rolling up your belts to save room and instead lying them flat around the sides of your case: “Line the edge of your suitcase with your belts. They take less space this way.”

Pack inside out

This top tip, from travel blogger Elle, is one of our favourite packing hacks:

“Turn all of your clothes inside out when you’re packing to keep them clean. If you have jeans and a nice white top next to one another, the dye can sometimes rub, or there can be spills from your cosmetics bag, but a small stain on the inside of a garment will be invisible when it’s turned the right way again.”

There’s an app for that!

Travel blogger Tom also suggests making a list of everything you are thinking of taking before you start packing. AirFair have a great suggestion for those who want to upgrade from the traditional paper and pen method of list-making: “download the Travel List app, which can help to organise a list digitally and give reminders of anything that might not need to be packed until the last minute.”