From spotting the pesky panda amongst a sea of snowman, to finding a crafty cat nestled amongst dozens of owls, illusion challenges have taken the world by storm.

Now it’s time for another head scratcher.

At first this might seem like a seemingly empty, yet beautiful, snapshot of the South African Savanna. There doesn’t seem to be anything suspicious about the photo upon first glance.

But if you take a closer look, you may discover that there is a cheeky cheetah hiding within the scene.

The big cat is a little tricky to spot because it is expertly camouflaged within its surroundings.

Can you see it? 


The image was taken by Francois Collin, a tourist guide of Pretoria, on his phone. He then uploaded the photo to Facebook with the caption: “Spot the cat”

Collin was impressed with how well this predator had camouflaged itself!

So, be honest, how long did it take you to spot our four-legged furry friend?

By Chloe Heyde