It’s a scene we’re all familiar with: a homeless person, living on the streets, begging for change.

But when was the last time you took the time to stop, help them out or even have a chat?

Next time you see someone sleeping rough, think about what this woman did. Just a kind word or small gesture could make all the difference. You could save their life.

Casey Fischer was on her way to Dunkin’ Donuts when she saw Chris, a homeless man, searching for change on the side of the road.


‘Eventually, I saw him stroll into Dunkin’ as he was counting his change to buy something,’ Casey shared on Facebook. ‘I began to get super annoying and talked to him over and over again even when he didn’t really want to talk.’

Chris only had about $1, so Casey bought him a coffee and a bagel and asked him to sit and chat with her.

He poured his heart out to Casey, telling her how badly people treat him because he’s homeless. His mum died of cancer, leaving Chris to fend for himself, and all Chris wanted to be was ‘someone his mom would be proud of’.

‘Chris was one of the most honest and sincere people I’ve ever met,’ said Casey.

An hour of chatting later, Casey realised she had to get back to class. But before she left, Chris wrote something down for her on a crumpled up receipt.

‘I wanted to kill myself today. Because of you, I now do not. Thank you, beautiful person’ wrote Chris.


Just an hour of her time was enough to make Chris rethink giving up.

The inspirational story was posted to feel-good Facebook page ‘Love What Matters’ and has been shared thousands of times online.

Other users have also shared how small acts of kindness from total strangers have helped them cope during dark times.

So, let’s all take a leaf out of Casey’s book.

Offering up your seat with a smile to someone who looks a little down on the train, or picking up a coffee for someone struggling by the side of the road can make all the difference.

They say it’s the little things that mean the most. In Chris’ case, they saved his life.