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We all wish we had more holiday allowance, but did you know you can make yours go much further in 2017 with this clever holiday hack?

There’s no better way to cure the impending January blues than by having a nice long break to look forward to. So get in there early and book these dates before your colleagues do!

With this clever trick, you can have a huge 18 days off in a row by booking off just nine, thanks to where the bank holidays fall in 2017. Next year, three will fall in a short space of each other, giving you the opportunity to maximise your hols.

Always been wanting to try that long-haul destination, but worried about booking too much time off work? This could well be your answer.

Simply book Tuesday April 18 – Friday April 28 off from work. Good Friday falls on April 14, meaning your last day of work will actually be April 13. This is then followed by the weekend, plus a bank holiday on April 17 to mark Easter Monday. Then, book the rest of that week off and you’ll end on the May Bank Holiday, which falls on Monday May 1.

And if you want to get the best possible value for money for your escape, we recommend booking on a Tuesday morning.

Tuesday is apparently the best day to book as this is when travel operators readjust prices if holidays aren’t selling.

And get in there early, too…. “Go online any time before 11am and you could still be looking at last night’s prices,” says Oonagh Shiel from

“But beyond 11am that day’s deals will have been updated.”

“If lots of people are looking at a holiday this demand puts the price up – even if they’re not actually booking,” says Steve Pattenden from travel agent Double S Travel.

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