Ever wondered what it's like to live on a house boat?


Let’s face it, when we think of house boats, we often think of cramped, damp conditions.

If someone mentioned that they lived in one, you would probably be more than a little curious at what their life is like.

Although there is a certain charm with the idea of living on the water and able to take off at any time, it seems that house boats have got a bad reputation.

Families living on top of each other, with tiny fold out beds and kitchens – the stuff of nightmares.

However, a project by photographer Katherine Fawssett, Life Afloat, is set to change those expectations.

Life Afloat on a houseboat

house boat

Life Afloat captures the lives of people living on the River Thames.

The photographs show that house boats can not only be spacious, but cosy and homely to boot.

Some are even grand enough to have chandeliers hanging from the ceiling…

house boat

And others are even big enough to have cats running around inside them!

house boat

Just look how cute and cosy a house boat can be…

house boat

This one even has a clever open plan living area!

house boat

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