Hands up who loves being a grandparent? No sleepless nights, early starts, worried evenings wondering about what your teenager gets up to –  just all the fun that comes with looking after children without too much commitment. And let’s face it, you’ve done your fair share of the above so now it’s time to enjoy yourself! These are the reasons why being a grandparent is so fantastic…


Seeing all those firsts
Perhaps one of the best things about being a grandparent is being able to see and witness all those firsts all over again. First smile, steps, words, first loves, jobs, weddings – you loved them the first time around with your kids but they are just as speicla now too.

No often means yes!
You can’t help but spoil your grandkids and who can blame you! You can tell a grandparent not to buy their grandchild a present and it will go in one ear and out the other!

You get to watch your children as parents
It’s a magical thing watching your own children with their children. From seeing them with their little newborns to watching them reach those parenting milestones it’s a joy to see. And sometimes it gives grandparents a little giggle too – see we told you so!


You get an awesome new name!
Forget Grandma and Granddad today you can be called whatever the hell you like! Grammy, Pops, Grampy, Gampy, Glammy (one for the queen perhaps?!)….the list goes on! What do your grandkids call you?

Rules are there to be broken
Let’s face it, the notes your own child left you with when they dropped off their little one probably don’t even get read! Who needs rules about when to go to bed and who needs to know about not eating sugar after 730 – spending time with the grandkids is all about having a good time, ok!

You can give them back
It’s true, you get to give your grandkids back just as they are starting to get over tired, you’ve given them too much sugar, or your back is starting to hurt! Grandkids come over and then go home and sometimes, after years of parenting yourself, that’s what makes it so ace about being a grandparent! Now time for a cuppa…


You feel like a kid again
Grandkids keep you feeling young (ok and sometimes very tired), but mostly young! Grandparents don’t just hobble around and read books, they attend football games, provide ad hoc childcare (or full time!), play sports, push prams, and enjoy the great outdoors!

You get to show off endless photos (guilt free!)
Thankfully nearly every grandparent owns a Smartphone that lets them store hundreds of precious photos of their favourite little ones! Eating ice cream, kicking a ball, in the bath, playing games, making faces – the list is endless and guess what…you show them to EVERYONE (Sainsbury’s checkout lady included!).

You get lots of special cuddles
As grandparents, and because you’re not the ones setting unpopular rules or bedtimes, you form a special kind of bond with your grandkids and it’s amazing. Nothing beats a big swishy hug from your grandkids. Nothing.

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