What does your bedroom colour reveal about you? Just like the way we choose to decorate our home displays our personal taste, the specific styles we pick for different rooms in our houses also reveal more about us than we might initially realise.

Whether your bedroom is a cosy hideaway, a relaxing romantic boudoir, or a chic minimal space, the colours you choose and the way you furnish your bedroom says a lot about you.

Find out what the most intimate and personal room in your home reveals about you here…

A mixture of bold, vibrant colours

Your bedroom reflects your fun and lively personality and your great sense of humour. You’re a confident individual who is used to striking out on your own, although you also have close relationships with your friends and family. Your sense of adventure comes through in the bright and bold colour tones you’ve used to furnish your room.


Picture source: Interiors Addict

Patterns and full of decoration

You’re an outgoing person who has a wonderful (and sometimes weird) imagination. Your bedroom is full of memories and things that remind you of past adventures. You’ve got a creative personality and you’re also a bit or a romantic, so your bedroom is both a place for wild dreams and seduction!


Source: dimplesandtangles.com

Mainly white

If your bedroom is predominantly white, then you are most likely to be a person who craves stability and likes to use the room for relaxation and to escape the stresses and strains of every day life. You like to surround yourself with similarly calm and easygoing people, but you’re also very happy in your own company and enjoy the occasionally pamper-filled ‘me time’


Source: From One Kindesign

Greys or pale colour tones

Like those of us who have decorated our bedrooms in all white furnishings, if you’ve plumped for pale tones or a shade of grey then you seek serenity and a sense of balance in life. You have a fairly timeless sense of style and in many ways you might be quite traditional. You aren’t someone to be underestimated, and you often prove people wrong or surprise them with your abilities and intelligence. If you’ve got just one of two items of bright colour in the room, like a cushion, lamp, or throw, then that suggests you’ve got a mischievous streak too!


Earthy tones – greens, browns and blues

Your bedroom colour reflects your down-to-earth personality and your close relationships with your friends and family. You are incredibly reliable ad loyal, as well as being easy going – so you get on with almost everyone and don’t like arguments r confrontation! Your bedroom is a calming space that you often use to connect with people, whether that be lying on your bed having a long phone call, or having an important chat with your friend in there behind closed doors.


Source: homesweethome-bitte.blogspot.com


You’ve chosen a pretty dramatic colour for your room! You crave privacy and like people to respect your personal space – so you might have had a ‘keep out’ sign or similar on your door as a teenager! You are an independent and strong-minded individual, and you only tell your closest, and most-trusted, friends your secrets.


Source: littlemisshomes.com