How does the way you sleep affect your relationship? Could you be snoozing your way towards a separation, or do your bedroom habits actually keep you together?

Every couple has their own bedtime routine and sleeping patterns, and each one is a unique insight into our unconscious minds. So the way you sleep can really reveal how we feel about our partner and the relationship!

According to an article by LittleThings.com, this is what our body language when we sleep reveals about our relationship…

Spooning – close together


Spooning, despite being a well known sleeping position, isn’t actually as common between couples as you might think (which may have something to do with the whole ‘awkward arm’ and ‘hair in the mouth’ situation). However, couples that do spoon supposedly have a healthy and loving relationship, and are very protective over one another. Aww – sweet!

Spooning – Loosely


Spooning loosely not only avoids the ‘awkward arm’ issue, but is also a sign of a couple in a mature and happy relationship. The partners are most likely to be secure as a couple, as well as trusting.

Pillow sharing

This sleeping position is also known as ‘the chase’. In this instance, one partner is probably playing hard to get, maybe to get their own way in one aspect of the relationship. However, if the couple’s heads are together or touching on the pillow, this can be a sign of like-mindedness – which means you and your partner would be well suited!


The bear hug

Not many couples will spend the whole night with one partner asleep on the other’s chest, but those that do are likely to have a strong bond or deep connection. Nuzzling into your partner’s chest could be a sign of vibrant and passionate love – or even suggest a rekindled romance.


Backs touching

If you and your partner sleep facing away from each other, but with your backs touching, this is a sign of a relationship of fairness, where you have found a good balance to make the relationship work. Couples that sleep like this also have a tendency to be independent and not needy – although they will be very affectionate.


Facing away, bodies apart

The movies may have lead us to believe that this is a sleeping position for couples who have had an argument, but it in fact means quite the opposite! One of the healthiest positions for any couple to take whilst asleep, this stance suggests both closeness and independence in the relationship.


Loosening up

These two different positions, which can be adopted over time or on the same night, are the sign of a more mature couple who are both secure and comfortable in their relationship. They have found the perfect balance between intimacy and independence.


Love knots

This impassioned pose might conjure thoughts of a couple deeply in love, but it could in fact mean quite the opposite. Couples that sleep in a ‘love knot’ could be too heavily dependent on each other, which can over time lead to the relationship feeling a claustrophobic.


Selfish starfish

It’s all in the name for this final position! Partners who spread across the bed taking up most of the room (or worse, the duvet!) have a tendency to be selfish in some aspects of their life. They may also sometimes disregard their partner’s feelings, and often put themselves first.