You may have heard of palm reading, but fingernail reading?! Well this quiz claims to be able to guess your personality just based on the shape of your fingernail alone! We were pretty dubious at first, but we must say, they nailed it (sorry – we couldn’t resist) and we thought our results were scarily accurate. Just choose which picture below which is the closest to your own nail shape, and then read on…



On the outside or to people who don’t know you, you may come across as quite serious or sometimes stern – people certainly wouldn’t want to mess with you! But to those who you are close to, your real friends and family, they know you as a playful and funny individual who loves to spend time with them and plan enjoyable get-togethers. In life, you’re not afraid to take risks, and at work you make a reliable (and at times formidable) leader.


Squared Oval

Ah the romantic! You have a big and wonderful imagination which not only means you’re probably prone to vivid dreams that feel real, but in you are also a creative person. Whether that be in your job, creating or designing things for a living, or in your personal life with cooking up the next nutritious meal the kids will actually eat or a birthday party your friend will love. You’re very perceptive and good at seeing things others might miss – although this does mean that sometimes you can feel a little overwhelmed at everything going on around you! People love spending time with you because in general you are very laid back and relaxed.


Oval or Rounded

How long have you known your oldest friend? If you have oval or rounded nails the answer is probably years and years because as an individual keeping your friends close comes easily to you. Despite being surrounded by a great support network of friends though, you’re not one to follow the crowd, and you’re happy doing things your own way at your own pace. Personally, you don’t let your emotions get the best of you, and because of your cool head and peaceful nature you often find yourself being the one to help resolve conflicts. Professionally, you’re a reliable team member because you are logical and sensible – not to mention bright!



When the going gets tough, you are a great person to have around. You’re a very strong individual and also a very loyal friend. Your friends love you for your honesty and because you are kind. Professionally you are probably best suited to a caring role that involves working with people because you are fantastic at making others feel good about themselves.


Mountain Peak or Stiletto

Your nails are just like your mind – sharp! Nails in these pointed shapes are often a sign of genius and a mark of an individual who is very creative. You’re good at thinking up great ideas and can also be quite innovative. That thing that has be broken in the house for ages? You probably have an idea that will fix it!



You are a very truthful person and always try and speak what’s on your mind – although this sometimes gets you into trouble! Your honesty and straightforward way of thinking mean people always know where they stand with you, but sometimes your advice, opinions, or truthful feedback can disrupt the peace! It’s probably best for you to stay friends with people with oval or rounded nails – as they will know how to handle your occasional short temper and will really appreciate your honesty.


Edge or Arrow Head

There probably aren’t many people who work harder than you. Whether it’s reaching a fitness goal, juggling work and family, or striving for a promotion, you are ambitious and will stop at nothing to reach your target. You’re a very well rounded individual – which is one of the things that makes you such a great multi-tasker! Your ambition and positive mental attitude is infectious and you often inspire others without even realizing it. So keep doing what you’re doing – good results await!


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