Can we guess your personality, just based on the length of your fingers?

We all know about palm reading, but did you know that by simply looking at someones hands and the length of their fingers, you could tell a lot about their personality?

Take a look at the picture below…


Compare your hand to the different pictures by looking at the length of your index and ring finger. Match your hand to either A, B or C, and then read below to see if your hand is revealing more about you then you know!

If your hand looks like picture A) (So your index finger is shorter than your ring finger)

Apparently, if your index finger is shorter than your ring finger, then you are more likely to be attractive, easy to talk to, and charismatic. You will also be more decisive than others, and could be inclined to take risks and cope well with unexpected problems. You are also sympathetic towards others who need it, and are a very compassionate person. People with shorter index fingers often become engineers and scientists…as well as experts at solving crosswords!

If your hand looks like picture B) (So your index finger is longer than your ring finger)

Are your index fingers longer than your ring fingers? Then you are probably quite confident and self-reliant! You don’t mind being on your own and you enjoy your own company. You intensely dislike having to waste your time on trivial matters. You aren’t usually willing to take the first step in any situation, be it a new business venture or in personal relationships. However, you do put a high value on attentiveness and accept praise graciously.

If your hand looks like picture C) (So your index and ring fingers are the same length)

You are said to be peaceable and good-natured – so you really dislike conflict situations! You’re well organised and also get on well with everyone. You’re a very loyal friend, as well as partner and you are amazing to work with because you are very devoted. However, you can at times have a short temper, so even a small disagreement could blow up into a big argument. People prefer to take your side in a dispute rather than go up against you! Perhaps you’d make a great lawyer or politician?

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