Pick the photo that scares you most to reveal your deepest fear…







Picture 1

You’re afraid of the unknown and chaos. You like to feel in control and strive for order in everything you do. The thought that something could be lurking underneath, threatening to disrupt this is what really scares you.

Picture 2

You’re afraid of people with hidden agendas. Sometimes you can find it hard to trust people and know that still waters can run very deep. You’re calm and measured, but have a tendency to fly off the handle when pushed and know others can be the same. You’re scared of never really knowing the people close to you.

Picture 3

You find expressing yourself quite difficult and keep your emotions very private. You’re scared of letting people in and them seeing the real you.

Picture 4

You’re scared of financial instability and not being able to provide for yourself and your family. You’re willing to put in the hard work, but know that life isn’t always fair. You’re a kind and caring person, who wants the best for others.

Picture 5

You’re afraid of the past. Has there been some kind of trauma or failure that still haunts you? Try to learn to let go.

Picture 6

You’re afraid of change. You like to keep in the same pattern and the thought of new things scare you. However this means sometimes you have a tendency to stay in the same place longer than you should. Learn to embrace change and gradually it won’t seem so scary after all.