Patrick Swayze almost didn’t get the lead role, Jennifer Grey secretly hated him, and they almost got pneumonia whilst filming the lake scene! Here’s 8 things you never knew about Dirty Dancing and the handsome lead – Patrick Swayze…

1. Remember the ‘How do you call your lover boy?’ scene? Well it was completely improvised! At the beginning of the filming day, Jennifer and Patrick were trying to warm up by being silly and messing around, but the director caught it all on tape and liked it so much that he put it in the film.


2. We love a cheeky, naughty streak in our men, and Patrick certainly had that! He was an infamous prankster, always playing tricks on the director and cast of his films. On the set of ‘Red Dawn’ he used to set off mini explosives – which is probably why Patrick and Jennifer didn’t always get on! Apparently Patrick had to convince Jennifer to join the cast of ‘Dirty Dancing’ because she had hated him while filming Red Dawn.

3. Patrick Swayze insisted on doing his own stunts for the film and during the log scene he kept falling off. He injured his knee so badly they had to stop filming while he had to have fluid drained from the swelling.


4. In the scene where Baby is giggling whilst being tickled, neither Jennifer or Patrick are acting. Patrick was actually pretty fed up and Jennifer Grey was SUPER ticklish!

5. Word on the street is that there were no close-ups of the lake ‘lift’ scene because it was filmed in October and their lips were blue! Brrrrr!


6. We all know that nobody puts Baby in the corner, but we bet you didn’t know that Patrick Swayze actually hated that line! He had to muster all his strength to get it out during the scene.

7. Val Kilmer was initially offered the lead role but declined [phew!]

8. Sarah Jessica Parker also auditioned for the lead role of Baby in Dirty Dancing, but Jennifer Grey won the part. Sorry SJP!