This hypnotic image is sending the internet into a frenzy! Can you spot the hidden panda in the optical illusion below?

Russian artist Ilja Klemencov is the man behind this mind boggling image! A fan of his posted the image to the picture sharing site Imgur and now it’s going viral – big time!


Using the logo from the famous World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) the black and white image contains a hidden image of a panda which only some people can see! Having trouble spotting it? Then take a step back and tilt your hear and it’s said you will be able to see it more clearly! Some people have claimed to see it straight away while others takes a few minutes, and some can’t spot it at all!

Can you see the panda? How long did it take – take our poll below!

Klemencov created the mind-altering image to raise awareness for the endangered giant Panda.

“While its numbers are slowly increasing, the giant panda remains one of the rarest and most endangered bears in the world,” WWF explains. “A large proportion of the panda’s habitat has already been lost: logged for timber and fuel wood, or cleared for agriculture and infrastructure to meet the needs of the area’s booming population.”

How long did it take you?