Another day, another optical illusion that is taking the internet by storm! This time we’re asking if you can spot the hidden baby in this photo?

Take a look at this image and see if anything unusual catches your eye. At first glance, the black and white photograph appears to be a simple romantic shot. A couple stand by a lake, arms around each other, looking out on the water—perhaps contemplating their future together. Take a closer look however, and you’ll find that the couple are not alone! A hidden figure could represent the possibility of a new addition to their family!

In fact, there’s a baby hidden somewhere in the photograph! Can you spot it?

If you haven’t seen it until now, look again, and it may become more obvious.


Scroll down for the big reveal!

The tree branches create the outline of a baby in the foetal position, with its feet to the right of the couple’s heads and it’s back along the bottom of the photo. It is actually so large that it takes up the majority of the picture! Once you’ve spotted it, you’ll wonder how you missed it before, and like all optical illusions once you’ve seen it you can’t unsee it! But did you spot it in the first place?

Words: Annie Simon

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