If you've got a cat, you'll know that they can be extremely vocal...

If your kitty wants attention, she will make sure you know about it.  From purring to head butting, cats are always trying to communicate with us.


But their favourite way to get our attention is to meow.

Ever noticed that cats don’t do this to each other, though? When meowing, they’re actually trying to speak human.

In fact, if humans didn’t exist, adult cats would not meow at all. Suddenly, our fave little creatures seem a whole lot cuter!

Instead of vocally calling out to each other, cats communicate with each other through a special cat language.  These are physical signals, like how they hold their tails or flick their ears.

As we humans often overlook these signs, so cats will use their vocals – purring, growling and meowing – to communicate with us. Adorable!

Researcher Suzanne Schötz decided to go even further with this, and recruited volunteers to figure out what cats were trying to say depending on the intonation of their meow.  Calling this their ‘music’, she says that cats have a different tone to their meow depending on whether they are sad or happy.

Studies show that when a cat becomes more insistent about asking for something, their meows will become lower in tone and more rasping.

So next time your kitty is trying to talk to you, see whether you can spot the different musical tones in their meow.  Who knows, you may even develop the skills to know exactly what they are trying to say in cat language!

So, can you figure out what your cat is trying to say to you?  Let us know on our Facebook page!