There are lots of theories about how your family pecking order affects your personality, and who you grow up to become. So can we guess your personality traits based on whether you’re the oldest of your siblings, youngest, or somewhere in between…?

Is it true for you? Read on and find out!


First born


If you’re the eldest child in the pecking order, like Kate Middleton, you’re most likely to be very ambitions and have a strong desire to succeed in your chosen career. Your desire to succeed also means that you love winning – whether it’s a game of cards, a bet, a race, or anything in between! The eldest child is often so competitive that sometimes even a friendly family board game can end up in an argument if they feel like they are losing.

Those of us who were born first and have younger siblings are also likely to have a strong sense of responsibility and be very hard working. They are confident, and wouldn’t be afraid of speaking in public, or at something like an important work presentation, or a speech at a wedding!


Middle kids

Although they can be shier than their boisterous older siblings, middle children are actually very sociable and are at their happiest when surrounding by loving family or lively friends. They do enjoy their alone time, and can be quite quiet, but they are also very adaptable – so they’d be just as happy staying in and watching a movie as they would be getting dressed up for a night on the town!

Those in the middle, like David Beckham, are also incredibly diplomatic, so although they can be stubborn at times, they are normally the best person to go to if you need an argument resolving.


Youngest children

If you’re the youngest child of the family, like Holly Willoughby, you’re probably used to your older siblings telling you that you get away with much more than they ever did! This may be true, as normally parents loosen up and relax super strict rules with the younger siblings as they’ve seen and done it all before!


YouGov poll revealed that the last born out of the siblings is likely to be funnier than their older sisters and brothers, and are often easy going in comparison and more relaxed.

Watch out for the ‘baby’ of the family though – as well as their fun-loving and carefree moments, they also have a tendency to be a bit manipulative, as they are used to getting their own way!


But wait! What if you’re an only child?

Did you know Leonardo DiCaprio was an only child? Well, only children have the benefit of their parent’s full attention, so they tend to be confident, self-assured individuals, who are also very responsible and probably quite mature for their age – great if you’re thinking of a career as an actor like Leo!


However, being your parents only focus also has its downsides, as this also means that only children are also more likely to be perfectionists, feeling the pressure to succeed more than others. They can also be selfish at times, and enjoy time spent alone.


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