You can do it at your desk!


Life can be stressful. Trying to juggle work, social lives, and family responsibilities can leave you feeling anxious and stressed out, which in turn, can have a negative impact on your mental health, your weight, and even your sex life!

But never fear—we’re here to help. We’ve got a simple three-minute solution to banish your stress and clear your mind instantly.

Stress is the enemy

Simply put, stress wrecks havoc on your body: it can lead to weight gain, hair loss, a decrease in libido, and can even leave you feeling anxious and nauseous.

When stressed, the hormone cortisol floods the body and throws your it out of balance. Chronic stress can also weaken your immune system leaving you more vulnerable to illness.


Since the side effects of excessive stress can be pretty scary, you’re probably wondering what you can do to de-stress yourself. If so, read on for an instant trick to banish stress and clear your mind.

De-stress in just 3 minutes!

Emmy-Lou Knowles, a meditation coach and intuitive healer told FEMAIL that its easy to de-stress.

“When worry kicks off and stress kicks in, you need to make space. You don’t need incense, candles or to be sat legs crossed on the floor—let’s be realistic.”

Emmy-Lou explained how to de-stress in three minutes at your desk, and its so easy. All you need to do is close your eyes (or just stare at a fixed point) and place your feet flat on the floor for stability.

Next, focus on your breath. Take a deep breath in through the nose, filling your lungs, and feeling your chest and belly expand.

Then, sigh. That’s it. Just, sigh.

“A sigh is wonderful as it’s effectively telling the body that we are going to hit the reset button on the pattern,” Emmy-Lou said.

The next step is to start counting your breath in and out through the nose.


-In for one, out for one

-In for two, out for two

-In for three, out for three

– In for four, out for four

– In for five, out for five

– In for six, out for six

– In for seven, out for seven

– In for eight and out for eight

Emmy-Lou recommends repeating this eight times, or whatever feels comfortable for you.

As you breathe, visualise and allow your shoulders, mouth, eyes and brow to soften and relax.

Feel the stress leaving your body with every exhale, and finally, find calm in stillness.

And that’s it- a three-minute way to reset your body and de-stress instantly.Do this every day to help manage your stress, and prevent the nasty effects stress can have on your health.

Your mind and body will thank you!