Engagement rings are a very personal piece of jewellery. Choosing one can take months (or years!) and the choice comes down to multiple factors – personal preference, budget, size, colour – the list could be endless.

However, out of all the different engagement rings to choose from globally, it seems that one ring design has come out on top as the most popular in the world.

The 18 Karat white gold ring was designed by Raymond Lee Jewelers in Australia. It retails for around $10,500 AUD, which is almost £6124. It may not be the most expensive ring available, but it’s certainly more than a month’s pay-check for many people. However, that doesn’t seem to have put customers off.

engagement rings

The ring has had over 77,000 pins on the lifestyle inspiration social media network Pinterest. This makes it currently the most popular engagement ring on their global site.

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