As much as we love our other halves, the sound of them snoring at 2am when we’re desperately trying to catch some Zs is enough to make us want to launch the alarm clock at their soundly sleeping head.

Is there anything more frustrating then those heavy, breathy snores keeping you awake, knowing the culprit is far away in the land of nod?

Think we sound dramatic? If you’ve dated (or god forbid, married) a snorer, you’ll understand…

But we’ve got to be at least a little bit lenient. After all, as irritating as it may be, they’re not doing it on purpose. Which is why this new method of prevention sounds a little, well, extreme…

Experts have suggested that TAPING your partners mouth is the most effective solution to the problem.

Snoring is usually down to a condition called sleep apnoea, where the tissues in the throat collapse repeatedly during the night, blocking the airways and causing a snoring session.

Taping your partners mouth shut forces them to breathe through their nose, which helps with sleep apnoea. When you sleep with your mouth open, the inward air is cold and hits the back of the throat at high speed, causing it to constrict and create a snoring sound.

But before you run out and buy a roll of duct tape, we have a much less daunting sounding solution!

The Varnum mouthpiece is a new devise that is both safe and comfortable to use, so your partner shouldn’t object too much…

Scientists are still developing the product, but it should be hitting stores soon, and with a reasonable price tag.

Essentially it’s a disposable sticky patch with a small hole for breathing. And while it may not sound glamorous, a pilot study found it produced a threefold drop in snoring.

That makes it worth a try in our book…