No matter how many times you watch the Titanic, it’s almost impossible to sit through the Oscar-award winning drama without shedding a tear (or 100).

But it turns out, the film was originally going to be even more heartwrenching than it already is, with fans discovering an emotional scene that was cut.

The Sun has reported that viewers of this extra moment were disappointed that it never made it to the final cut, some commenting that it even provided a little closure.

The tear-jerking scene shows the survivors’ rescue in full, rather than the shortened version that is shown in the film. The hidden chapter of the story pictures Rose, (Kate Winslet), climbing aboard the rescue ship, the Carpathia.

A deep sorrowful feeling is evoked as Joseph Bruce Ismay, (Jonathan Hyde), is shown quivering with the rest of the survivors. It sheds a much different light on his character compared to the actual film, as his guilt and remorse is painted clearly across his face.

The scene also provides slight closure, as Rose is given more camera time following Jack’s death.

Cal and adopted daughter in Titanic

In the original film, the fate of Cal’s adopted daughter is left unclear but the recently discovered scene shows her daughter boarding the ship and searching for her Mother.

So. Sad. Can someone pass us the tissues?

FROM: Written by Ella Burgess.