Getting the perfect holiday snaps is tricky, we all know the struggle. But when this couple decided to up their game with a panoramic shot, the results were interesting... You have to see it for yourself!

How many shots is too many when you are trying to get the holiday selfie? Sometimes you have to weigh up whether it is worth sacrificing some of the view so that your best side (we all have one!) is on show.

But this couple decided they wanted to push the selfie game up a notch when they attempted a panoramic shot. Not only would it capture both of them perfectly, it would show off the beautiful backdrop of Budapest, resulting in the kind of photo you would proudly show off to your family and friends. As long as the shot went to plan of course…

JuddJasper posted the unfortunate picture on Reddit. All we can say is, we hope the childhood tale of ‘if you pull that face and the wind changes it will be stuck forever’ is false… For the sake of JuddJasper’s girlfriend!

The bizarre and slightly terrifying photo appears to show his girlfriend with two heads!

JuddJasper explained that he was keen to use the wide selfie feature on his Samsung Galaxy S7 but for it to work you have to stand still. Unfortunately, his girlfriend sneezed midway through which meant the final photo appeared gave the illusion that she was some kind of terrifying demon!

We want to know…

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He shared the snap on Reddit and the post now has over 3200 comments with several users taking pleasure in the photo mishap.

People couldn’t help but offer their opinion on what JuddJasper’s girlfriend looked like. One said: “She looks like a mythical two-headed creature”. While another added: “She looks like on of those happy/sad double face theatre masks”.

So, what was meant to be a sweet romantic shot turned out to be a little bit scary! Has anything like this ever happened to you? And how would you feel if your partner or friend posted the picture on a forum for everyone to laugh at… We hope she’s seen the funny side!