Anyone that’s suffered a migraine knows how completely excruciating they can be.

After trying countless natural remedies and pain relief options to stop headaches and migraines, many come to the conclusion that they just have to grin and bear it until it passes – until now!

Apparently, the daith piercing – which sits in a crook of cartilage just behind your tragus – can help people who suffer from regular migraines and headaches.


The specific position of this piercing hits the pressure point that relieves tension within the head.

And although there isn’t medical proof to back up this claim yet, the Migraine Relief Center recognises there might be link between daith piercing and migraine relief as the piercing ‘mimics acupuncture.’

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While this is still a relatively new idea, people have been taking to social media to credit the piercing for their pain relief.

We appreciate this might not be for everyone, but if you were after a new piercing, this could be the perfect excuse!

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