With the sun peeking through the clouds a little bit more each day, it’s time to start thinking about how we want to spend those warm, sunny months.

No summer holiday is complete without lying on a pool float for endless hours, doing nothing but building a tan and sipping on a cold – and preferably alcoholic – drink.

That’s why we’re so excited to show you the pool float of your wildest dreams, with a built-in drinks cooler!

The float, by US brand FUNBOY, is shaped as a retro pink convertible, can fit two people, and has a huge cooler at the front, which is just dying to be filled with bubbly!

The cooler also contains cupholders, so there’s no need to move anywhere while you keep on drinking.

You might be thinking, is a float as big as this a huge pain to put up? Apparently not.

FUNBOY claims that the float can be put up in less than two minutes using a hair dryer on the cold setting, or with a pump.

Even better, buying the float provides one person with a full year of clean drinking water, so it’s not only fun – it’s philanthropic!

The brand became well known after Taylor Swift’s infamous (now deleted) photo of her and Calvin Harris relaxing in the pool on one of FUNBOY’s giant inflatable swans, during their summer love-fest of 2015.

Unfortunately, a float this chic was never going to come cheap, and it is on sale for a whopping $128! Maybe you are willing to shell out this kind of money for an inflatable this amazing, but if you aren’t, we’ve round up a few amazing, cheaper alternatives.

This cactus float is a fun alternative, and at 5ft long is certainly roomy enough for one lazy lounger.

It’s made by BIGBOY, and is on sale at Find Me a Gift, for £14.99, down from £29.99.

On the same website, you can also find this hilarious pizza slice float, also £14.99 reduced from £29.99!

If you really love the drinks-in-the-pool idea, FUNBOY have a much cheaper alternative for you, in the form of this adorable rainbow cloud floating bar, which is $38.

At the end of the day, if it involves water, sun and alcohol, it’s bound to be a good time!