Is there anything better than sipping a cold glass of bubbly while the sun shines on a lovely summer’s day?

Well, in the most exciting news of the summer so far, a Champagne vending machine has now become an actual thing. Yes, really! And we could NOT be more excited…

One of the very first vending machines dispensing bottles of bubbly will make their debut appearance this year at the Henley Festival from the 5th-9th July. The machine will hold Moët & Chandon champagne no less, and will be held in mini bottles, easy for drinking on the go.

Clad in a luxurious golden colour (of course), this is no ordinary vending machine. The machines will hold a huge 375 chilled bottles, at 20cl each, for customers to grab o the go while enjoying a day in the sun.

Lucky festival goers will be able to get their hands on an adorably pint-sized bottled of Moët Imperial for £18, while the Moët Imperial Rose will be priced at £20.

But fear not – the luxury bottles won’t come clattering down the machine like your regular old can of fizzy drink. The bottles will instead be lowered down to the bottom of the machine by a golden, extendable arm – naturally!

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Are they available in other locations around the UK?

Sadly, there’s no news yet as to whether the vending machines will be making an appearance elsewhere in the UK. But it’s certainly an incentive to head to Henley on the second weekend in July!

A champagne vending machine has already sat pride of place in London’s Selfridges, but sadly, was only there for a limited time over Christmas.

Here’s hoping they make their way to us soon!

What do you think of the champagne vending machines? Would you buy a bottle from them? Let us known in the comments, or share your thoughts on the Woman Magazine Facebook page!