Most people looking at this image will just see a random set of black and white blotches, with no real significant pattern.




But take a look at the photograph below and suddenly the hidden image becomes a lot clearer.


Have a look at the first image again. Can you see it now?

That’s because the brain now knows what it’s looking for.

According to scientists at Cardiff and Cambridge universities, those who see the baby at first glance are more prone to hallucinations and possibly psychosis.

But this could actually be a good thing, the scientists argue, as this is your brain trying to interpret and make sense of the world.

Hallucinations are the brain predicting what it expects to experience rather than reality.

Therefore filling in the blanks in this image suggests a capacity to experience something that’s not really there.

The research also suggested that most people will experience a least one hallucination at some point in their lifetime.

Have you ever experienced one?