Another day, another head scratching picture puzzle that has got us all fuzzy eyed. This time its a vintage picture of a farm scene that doesn’t seem to have a pig, goat or cow in sight.

can you spot the hidden animals?

Those yellow and pink hues are perfect for a spot of animal camouflage, so you’ll need to have a really keen eye to spot some members of the animal kingdom. Got any yet? There are four to spot in total. What’s that in the distance you say? Yep, those are some sheep standing astride the farmer, but that would be far too easy.

What you’re actually on the hunt for is a rabbit, a seal, a monkey and a donkey. There’s nothing realistic about this placement, but it certainly does get the grey matter flexing. Stumped, we’ll give you a little clue. Where do monkeys usually spend their days?

Here’s a baby seal enjoying its time in the snow to offer some light relief:

And this sweet donkey enjoying its daily siesta:

Can you spot the hidden animals?

OK we’ll put you out of your misery – here’s the full solution:

Can you spot the hidden animals?

So how many did you spot first time round? We had one at first go, and we were pretty convinced that the rabbit was actually masquerading as a polar bear. Shows how much we know!