Forget eyes being the window to the soul – take a look at your eyebrows instead!

Eyebrows are amazing. Not only do they protect your eyes from dust and dirt, they are the biggest facial giveaway for emotional expression, telling us whether someone is angry, sad, surprised or delighted.

To see how much they make a difference, just take a look at famous celebs with no eyebrows… Dramatic difference is an understatement!

No wonder the beauty industry is so obsessed with them… Over the years trends have shifted from over plucked to full and groomed to bushy and wild, with celebs and models trying out numerous shapes and sizes to find the perfect style.

But how do you wear yours? The shape of your eyebrows could reveal a lot about your personality…

  1. Hill shape 


You are a grounded yet light hearted person and nothing much fazes you. You have a good head on your shoulders and know how to make the most out of life.

2. Arched and over plucked 


You tend to be a bit of perfectionist and do not stop until things are exactly the way that you want them. You will always try to keep going, even when others give up.

3. Downward slant 


You are a worrier, which is down to your kind and caring nature. People go to you for advice and you are always there for those who love you. You often take on other people’s problems.

4. Straight line 


You are a more serious character who is stern, straight forward and will not take no for an answer. You take a lot of pride in your personal appearance, looking great no matter what kind of day you are having.

5. Tadpole shape


You always try really hard at whatever you do, finding it difficult to ask for help. You prefer doing things properly or from scratch, or not at all.

6. Archedarch

You may loo sweet and innocent, but you are a tough cookie underneath! People shouldn’t mess with you… You certainly know how to stand up for yourself!