Can you spot the ghost child in this house window?

A closer look at this photo of 17th century home will send an extra shiver down your spine. With a top floor light on, we know someone’s home, but the last person we expected to greet us was this eerie ghost child.

Captured by paranormal investigation group The Haunted Hunts on their visit to the grade II listed Pen-Y-Lan Hall near Ruabon in North Wales, this image appears to show the ghostly figure of a young boy peering out of a window.

Can you spot it? Check out the images below:


Here’s the close up:


Speaking to the Daily Post Ghost hunter Daniel Moss, 26, of Cheshire, said: “It was only the day after when we noticed the little boy stood in the window. The only person in the house at the time was the owner and there were no children there.”

And this isn’t the only time that ghostly goings on have taken place in this imposing Regency property. Visitors to the property are said to have reported seeing shadows and even hearing a baby’s cries.

If you’re keen to play ghostbuster for the day, the good news is you can sign up to a paranormal investigation at Pen-Y-Lan Hall. With a tour of the the old hall, servants rooms and the building’s cellar on offer, you may even see something go bump in the night. And with any luck, it’ll be the eerie ghost child.