The internet is baffled



It may sound easy at first – just find the common three letter word. But after baffling internet users everywhere, this not-so-simple word search is being hailed the ‘world’s hardest word search!’

The reason it’s so hard to crack is that there are only three letters – ‘d’ ‘o’ and ‘g’ – repeated throughout the whole puzzle. After a few seconds looking the letters, your eyes will start to see double, making it extremely difficult to decipher the word ‘dog’.

Ok, you asked for it, so here’s the answer….


Only joking! That would be super annoying… We’re sorry. 

Okay here’s a clue for you. Don’t just think about – and |… Think / and \ too! Got it yet?

Confused? So are these guys….




Okay, we’ll stop fooling around. Here’s the real answer….


What other words can you spot in there? Good? Doog? Do? 

How long did it take you to find ‘dog’ in the hardest word search, ever? Have you tried one that’s harder before?

Could you find it at all? Did you beat your family and friends? Let us know on our Facebook page. We would love to hear how you got on?

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