It's #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek and today we're discussing how we can help you feel less stressed...



‘Calm down’, you might tell yourself, but it isn’t always that easy…

Hectic schedules, personal and professional pressures and just the general stresses of modern life mean we can all get a little wound up from time to time.

But for some of us this can manifest itself in the form of an anxiety or panic attack. Those who have experienced this themselves will know that they can be all-consuming, and coming out of the other side isn’t easy.

Simply telling ourselves to ‘breath and relax’ isn’t enough. But there are breathing techniques that do actually work.

The power breath is a simple method that’s been proven to help soothe panic attacks and calm the body down.

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All you need to do is breathe out for twice the amount of time you breathe in. So if you breathe in for four counts, you breathe out for eight.

It works because your body is tricked into thinking it’s in a calm state of rest, therefore slowing your nervous system down.

Also, concentrating on counting a specific number is a welcome distraction from the panic.

Next time you feel the panic rising, put this technique in practice and see if you can help you to calm down.