Yes, really!

Want to know how to burn 1,000 calories without even trying? We have the answer!

It’s almost January and we can hear the gym calling us – but does the idea of slipping into Lycra and hitting the treadmill fill you with dread?

If you’re nodding in agreement, fear not, we have some amazing news! You can burn 1,000 calories – that’s all the calories of a roast chicken dinner (with all the trimmings) – without actually doing anything.

FitWatch have revealed that we burn up to 69 calories per hour when we sleep. So that’s up to 552 calories per night* – we now have a valid excuse for that lazy Sunday lie in!

Sara Wadsworth, from The Fine Bedding Company, said: “There is a clear association between the quality of sleep and weight loss; tiredness and eating sugary high calorie food.”

Despite her busy schedule, X Factor queen, Nicole Scherzinger said: “Get loads of sleep – it really makes such a difference.”

If that’s not enough to make you snuggle down under the sheets, Oxford University researchers are on hand. Apparently women who sleep in total darkness have smaller waists! Time to invest in blackout blinds!

So now the only thing you need to worry about is getting enough shut eye, have a read of our tips and tricks on getting the perfect night sleep.

*results based on a person weighing 11 stone 6lbs

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