Her comments touched would-be brides across the globe!

Inspiration blogger Callie Thorpe has shared a striking series of wedding day pictures via her Instagram account. 20-year-old Callie – who recently tied the knot with partner Dan – runs blog Corners of the Curve. She started the site as a space that is ‘body shame free’, after recognising her growing obsession with dieting.

Callie – who has almost 100,000 followers on Instagram – has shared her message of body positivity since starting her immensely popular blog in 2012. And her big day celebrations proved to be no exception.

A message that moves

The newly-wed used her nuptials as the perfect opportunity to get her message out to the world, and give a confidence boost to girls of all shapes and sizes. Callie attacks internet ‘bullies’ in a caption attached to the snap below. She adds that those ‘who believe that people of all sizes can’t find love or happiness’ are prejudiced.

I know I should ignore and I never give time to bullies on the Internet but seeing a comment earlier saying 'She will be dead by the end of the year' pushed me over the edge So here's a little message to anyone who feels the need to say hurtful things about people's weight and health First of all, you are prejudiced if you think that people of all sizes can't find love or happiness when you are fat – it's not true, and if you think other wise you are shallow and I feel sorry for you. Second of all, fat shaming has been proven to be ineffective way of helping people lose weight. When you make bullying comments about people and their size you are actually contributing to the 'problem' you think they have. This UCL clinical study right here might be helpful to all you internet Drs out there https://www.ucl.ac.uk/news/news-articles/0914/110914-Fat-shaming-does-not-encourage-weight-loss And finally the only person that should be worrying about my health is myself and my husband. All cleared up? Have a great evening Love the Hetheringtons 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

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In a beaming picture with her beau Callie thanks her new followers for their ‘wonderful uplifting comments’. She goes on to tell them that her future happiness with Dan will ‘show others that they must leave their prejudices behind’.

Photo by @instaweddinguk Thank you for all the love, over the last couple of weeks, especially with some of my wedding posts going vita. Thank you to the new followers here who have left me wonderful uplifting comments but also to the old, especially to those that have been with me here for a while. When I decided to start a blog all those years ago I knew very early on that I was putting myself out there for the world to judge but little did I know I would gather the support of some of the most wonderful people all over the world. I love sharing mine and Dan's life with you as I believe we have a responsibility to live our most happy and authentic life and show others that they must leave their prejudices behind. To those of you who take the time to comment, uplift or answer my daft questions – I love you! You are great and wonderful and remind me that the world is full of goodness ❤️💕

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Callie’s Instagram followers responded to her comments in their droves. @Jnome simply stated: ‘Well bloody said’. Another, @kirstylouisegoddard, was also moved to write the following:

‘Such a inspiration to others, live your life to fullest however you like. Your a amazing role model to other. P.s. You look beautiful in your wedding dress.’