Let's face it, we all love the red stuff.

Chips, macaroni cheese, shepherd’s pie, and other carby goodness would not be complete without a squirt of ketchup.


But did you know that ketchup has uses other than just being damn delicious?

1. Ketchup can make green hair blonde again

Ever gone swimming in a chlorine filled pool, to find that your beloved bleached locks have turned… green?!

If alien-chic doesn’t float your boat, ketchup can fix it.

If your blonde hair has gone green, that’s usually because of oxidized copper that has bound to the hair shaft.

While the red colour from the tomatoes can counter-act the green, as the colours are on opposite ends of the colour spectrum, the tomatoes and vinegar contain acids that neutralise the chemical reaction causing the green.


2. Attach a ketchup bottle top to your vacuum to clean your keyboard

Its small size makes it ideal for sucking up dirt from nooks and crannies.


Yep, that’s right, ketchup cake exists.  A recipe for ketchup cake was advertised on the back of Canadian Heinz bottles – and people went crazy for it.


4. Shine copper and silverware

Those acids that neutralise green hair?  They are also amazingly useful (and eco friendly) for cleaning brass, copper and silverware. Magic.

5. Put pancake mix in a squeezy bottle

Rather than throw away your used squeezy bottle of ketchup, keep it for pancake mixture!  The bottle will help you be able to squeeze small, perfectly formed pancakes onto the frying pan.


6. Get rid of the smell of fox poo

If you have a pooch, you will know that they just LOVE rolling in fox poo!  Ketchup neutralises the pungency of the smell – simply soak ketchup into the affected furry area for half an hour before washing off.


7. Use it as a marinade

Ketchup makes a great base for marinating all meat.  Mix with onion, vinegar and Worcestershire sauce, and then soak your steak or chicken in the mixture for at least eight hours.

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