Dating after divorce can be a daunting. If your marriage has broken down and you’re finding it hard to trust again it can be scary knowing where to start. But it can also give you a new lease of life, lets you build your confidence and enables you to make new friends as you enter a new phase of your life. Here are our top tips to get back into the dating game…


Don’t do dinner:

So you’ve been messaging a match and have agreed to meet but where do you go? We recommend you don’t go for dinner straight away. It’s much better to go for coffee first – that way if you don’t hit it off you don’t have to stick around while the other finishes their meal.

Don’t be second best:

We all want to be made to feel special – there’s nothing worse than being someone’s rebound. It’s a good idea to check that the person you’re meeting is over their ex and ready to move on before going on a date, and vice versa.

Don’t tolerate liars:

It’s not a good idea to settle. If someone describes themselves a certain way on their dating profile then that’s who you should be meeting. If you go on a date with someone who ticked the box saying they don’t smoke but then leaves you inside to light up a cigarette – it’s fair to say there’s probably other things they’ve not been telling the truth about.

Do say thank you to gifts:

Who says chivalry is dead? It’s always nice when your date turns up with flowers or chocolates – it adds a nice romantic touch and shows they’re trying to make an effort for you.

Do check your pictures:

The thing about online dating is that you don’t actually know who you’re meeting until you’re face to face. We all want to portray the best version of ourselves and upload our most flattering picture – but be realistic – if you don’t look like that anymore don’t upload it – would you be annoyed if the person you met looked completely different to their old photo?

Don’t give in to pressure:

People can be presumptuous and may want more at the end of a date. If they’re booking hotel rooms and getting angry if you don’t want to go back – it’s time to end the date, quickly. You should never let anyone pressure you into something you’re not comfortable with – and that goes for going out with them in the first place.

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