Thinking of going to see Ab Fab The Movie? Read this first…


In our opinion it’s the most highly anticipated film of the year, but have Patsy and Eddy pulled out enough stops to live up to the hype? We sent along showbiz writer Rianne to the Ab Fab The Movie premier to find out…

If you’re looking for some light-relief at the moment, Ab Fab’s debut on the big screen is the perfect pick me up.

Packed full of star-studded cameos (of the sixty, Dame Edna and Rebel Wilson raised the biggest laughs) and silly, madcap plot lines – including Kate Moss falling in the River Thames and a budget airline dash to the South of France – you’re guaranteed to come out smiling.

More often than not, TV-to-movie transitions can fall a little flat, but in this instance, our two protagonists manage to bring the same raucous charm to the big screen.

Expect all the usual Patsy and Eddie moments that made us fall in love with the duo in the first place, with outrageous fashion choices, Bolly-fuelled escapades and killer insults (“you little bitch troll from Hell” is still our favourite…)


But it’s Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley who, quite rightly, steal the show. Jennifer’s Edina is on fine form, while Joanna’s turn as Patsy, along with her impeccable comic timing, takes the film to new heights.

Put simply, they’re absolutely fabulous!

Absolutely Fabulous is out in cinemas tomorrow