FLAMINGO2 (1).jpg

(picture credit: Facebook/Dancewear Central)

It’s that time of the week again… For another brain teasing picture puzzle that will make you scratch your head and go ‘ummmmmm’.

This time, the spotlight is on this rather detailed picture of a crowd of flamingos having a lovely time. Hidden within the flock is a rather lost looking ballerina – but can you spot her? Let’s hope she hasn’t got any shrimp in her pocket….

So what do we know about this ballerina? She’s wearing a pink tutu. And she has blonde hair. Which isn’t too helpful in a sea of pink flamingoes with yellow beaks. But that’s what we’re working with…

Did you manage it?

If not, we’ve got the answer here…. 

FLAMINGO2 (1).jpg

This puzzle was brought to you by the guys at www.dancewearcentral.co.uk

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At a first glance this looks just like an ordinary autumnal scene.

But take a closer look and you’ll see a naked woman hidden within the scene, cleverly blending into the background.

Can you see her?

Here she is!


The top half of the woman’s body has been painted in grey, while the bottom has been carefully decorated with pictures of autumn leaves.

This photograph belongs to a series created by German artist Jorg Dusterwald, who painted models in camouflage to blend into rocks, trees and logs.

Dusterwald certainly did a good job of painting his models – we couldn’t spot it for ages!

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Forming part of Dusterwald’s Nature Art series, the images were taken by photographer Tschiponnique Skupin.


They were shot in a number of locations including a forest in Lower Saxony and Naturschutzpark Springe.

What incredible pictures! Though we can’t help wondering if these women got a little bit chilly posing in the nude…

All in the name of art!