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2016 is fast drawing to a close. And many of you will be wondering what’s in store for 2017. Sadly we don’t have a crystal ball to hand. What we do have however, is a list of amazing predictions from Woman’s astrologer Penny Thornton. Including some juicy celeb insights. Happy reading!

Aquarius 21 Jan – 19 Feb

GENERAL You are at the beginning of a two-year period in which much will change, first and foremost in your love life and second your priorities and life-focus. There may be a successful culmination of a project or the beginning of a new and exciting chapter.

LOVE It’s all about the romance this year, and February and August are ripe for a magic moment. If you’re already smitten, set that date! And don’t be afraid to contact someone you still have feelings for – 2017 is not the year to give up on love.

MONEY & WORK You might be considering relocating for a new job this year. It could be worth expanding your skill set, too. February brings financial reassurance.

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CELEB There could be a new chapter beginning for Holly Willoughby.

Pisces 20 Feb – 20 Mar

GENERAL Rather than give up and diversify, you should put even more fuel into that dream. Health and fitness are also starred this year for Pisces.

LOVE January and September are months when love can be found, rekindled and set on a lasting course. On the other hand, events of early October could bring a relationship to breaking point. The important thing is to see people for who they are and to know that you cannot change others, only change your way with them.

MONEY & WORK A top job can be yours, so believe in yourself. Start your bid for success in January, and don’t be discouraged by rejection. Jupiter brings success and opportunities your way.

CELEB Exciting times lie ahead for Ruth Langsford.

Aries 21 Mar – 20 Apr

GENERAL With Jupiter in your opposite sign until mid-October you now have a real chance of succeeding where once you failed and of finding great happiness. February starts the ball rolling with a stroke of good fortune and your star will be shining bright until the end of the year.

LOVE Marriage is on the horizon for many of you and this is certainly the year to partner up – whether for love, money or shared passions. And if you’re looking for your special day, how about 19 May? The Full Moon of 11 April is one point at which a relationship stands or falls; the second week of October another.

MONEY & WORK Take the long view. Broaden your horizons by reaching out to people in distant places and adding to your skills and credentials. Assume a rainy day is coming; keep spending down, down-size and be conservative in your expectations.

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CELEB Victoria Beckham could look to broaden her working horizons this year.

Taurus 21 Apr – 21 May

GENERAL Jupiter’s entry into your opposite sign in October and Saturn’s arrival in Capricorn in December both mark a new beginning, so you should treat the bulk of the year as a seeding ground. The February and August eclipses are big game-changers, precipitating events that alter your course and reveal your priorities.

LOVE Relationships take work. So, roll up your sleeves and prepare to put in some long hours. A romance begun this year, especially in June, could lead to marriage, and you should have patience with struggling relationships because they could turn a corner later in the year.

MONEY & WORK You may not be able to splash your money but from September you should feel the economic pressures easing. There are highs and lows career-wise, largely driven by the eclipses, although work should be plentiful and your reputation on the rise.

CELEB Adele – This year’s eclipses could reveal the singer’s priorities in life

Gemini 22 May – 22 Jun

GENERAL There is fun to be had – a great holiday for some, adding to the family by birth or marriage for a few. March and September are important for your future – it may seem like fate has taken you by the hand.

LOVE Age has a part to play, whether you fall for someone older or because the gap between you and a partner has widened. By contrast if a love affair has passed all tests it is time to marry or renew your vows – 13 June weekend could be perfect.

MONEY & WORK You’ll do best in a career where you can use your talents to guide others. You may also benefit from more flexibility.

CELEB Could Angelina Jolie find new love with an older man?

Cancer 23 Jun – 23 Jul

GENERAL Home and family take top spot, with some Cancerians expanding the home base – whether in terms of bricks and mortar or the arrival of new relations. A trip overseas may come about early in the year – or a permanent move abroad!

LOVE If you are single, love can be found in connection with work or with someone of power. And if you truly want love in your life, make a plan and get a matchmaker. August is the most romantic month of 2017, but Christmas Day could prove even more significant.

MONEY & WORK Drop that fear of change. Jupiter will underpin your efforts bringing success in the wake of radical moves, and you have the wind in your sails from February to May.

CELEB Fun times lie ahead for the actress Helena Bonham Carter.

Leo 24 Jul – 23 Aug

GENERAL You are going to learn a lot this year. And the more you add to your bank of knowledge and skills, the happier you’ll be. Travel is on the agenda and people you meet could become important figures in your life.

LOVE This year’s eclipses fall on your axis of relationships bringing a big element of fate. Events on or near 11 February, and 7 and 21 August are potent. You may fall deeply in love or a sudden development could end a relationship.

MONEY & WORK The past plays a part, in some cases because efforts in years gone by bear fruit or because youwill be working with people from your past. You may come into money but be careful where you place your trust.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Willi Schneider/REX/Shutterstock (5583134h) Helen Mirren Golden Camera Awards, Hamburg, Germany - 06 Feb 2016

CELEB Helen Mirren is on a learning curve this year.

Virgo 24 Aug – 23 Sep

GENERAL Act on New Year resolutions in early January or you’ll waste valuable time. There could be happy events in May and July, and for a handful of Virgos a dream will come true on or near 26 February.

LOVE The 26 February may turn out to be important for your love life. Either way, it will be the signature on any game-changing developments.

MONEY & WORK Although you should not risk life, limb and all your savings on a venture, deals could pay off handsomely.

CELEB February could be a big month for Pippa Middleton.

Libra 24 Sep – 23 Oct

GENERAL Jupiter in your sign brings opportunities where you least expect them, especially in early March and late September. Go for your dreams in 2017 – it will be

a lot tougher thereafter.

LOVE Venus will be in your relationship zone from 3 February to 6 June, so Easter could be take-the-plunge time. For singles, this period could bring Mr or Ms Right into your life. Follow your instincts…

MONEY & WORK Thinking of starting your own business or going self-employed? Get moving in January. And if you’re buying or selling a property, the first half of 2017 is best.

CELEB Alesha Dixon might be starting new projects this year.

Scorpio  24 Oct – 22 Nov

GENERAL Be patient and persistent. You can expect the biggest developments to occur in your career and at home. Fitness is also starred this year. Take it slow, and you can become stronger, healthier and leaner.

LOVE June is very romantic, and the weekend of the 23rd is a special one. November also has its high spots, but avoid putting a prospective partner through hoops. Your new word is believe.

MONEY & WORK Thanks to Venus, February to May brings success in competitive situations. Think about making your house work for you by renting or working from home.

CELEB Romance is starred for Louise Redknapp in 2017

Sagittarius 23 Nov – 21 Dec

GENERAL You face the difficult task of knowing when to give up and when to continue your efforts. Trust your instincts. Liberation and opportunity are your 2017 buzz words.

LOVE There will be more Sagittarians than ever setting the date in 2017. Early June, late July and December are important markers when it will be clear whether you’ve found The One or must move on.

MONEY & WORK People are already taking you more seriously. This is the year to maximise your talents, whether that’s acquiring new skills, investing in your own vision or earning more with a second job. You need insurance and safety nets.

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CELEB Will there be a change of direction for Lorraine Kelly?

Capricorn 22 Dec – 20 Jan

GENERAL There is a strong focus on home, family and property in the first half of the year. From July the accent is still on finding your place in the world, but with a greater emphasis on career.

LOVE Love will tend to be found close to home this year or family will have a part to play in the process. And despite your fears, you should trust your instincts and take a leap of faith – especially under the exciting influences in early March and late September.

MONEY & WORK New directions are the way forward. You may be invited to join a new start-up or a chance meeting with an old colleague could lead to a new position. The eclipses of February and August focus.


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