2016 can be summed up in two ways: hard work and hard decisions. Jupiter’s dominant position will produce compensations and lucky breaks, although you’ll work hard for your gains. Home moves, possibly to a distant place, could be on the agenda for some Archers, and in the event of purchasing a property, do not exceed your budget.


You will learn the real value of a long-term partner this year and if you have been living with your significant other marriage is on the cards. (And if not, you must ask yourself why.) Sadly, some Sagittarians will be heading for the divorce courts, but a change of heart at the eleventh hour could be on the cards.


Although this is one of the lean years, good fortune should play a part and you may find you are in the right place at the right time or that someone becomes your champion. Also good news is the Jupiter-Pluto combo of mid-March and late June which could help swell your bank account and give your self-esteem a boost.


Don’t fall at the first fence – or even the second and third. Saturn is testing your mettle and the winners will be the ones who stay the course.