The March and September eclipses highlight creativity and collaborations. New professional enterprises can come into being and it is the right time to go into production in other ways. January is not too soon to implement changes intended to get you on course for success, and if there are upsets they serve a positive purpose.


A new and powerful liaison could be born, although it is likely to be high-octane and short-lived. The full moon in Scorpio (22nd April) could mark a turning point for a relationship; impulse decisions are not advised but discretion is. May is the month for romance; late September and October times when relationships are made or broken.


Economise, economise, economise. Projects that require finance will be slow to get off the ground, and you could feel undervalued by employers and associates. As for property sales and purchases, patience is required. Mars will be in your sign from January to August helping you achieve one or more important goals.


If you don’t believe in yourself why would anyone else? 2016 is all about self-belief and not giving up.