The most eventful periods of the year fall around the time of the eclipses in Pisces – the 9th March and the 16th September. You may choose to make your most important decisions in these months but there may also be some unexpected events that send you in a whole new direction. 2016 is a year when destiny takes you by the hand.


While some Pisceans will be happily doing all for love, others are going to have to face the fact that they have been too picky or too much of a victim. Only you can change this. March and September are important months for love and romance, and the weekend of the 13th August is the perfect time to say: “I do!” or “I don’t!”


If you are rejected for a job you dearly wanted or fail in an endeavour, get back on track immediately. Sometimes what you want is simply not right for you, as time will surely tell. From early September Jupiter will be helping you make money and get back on the road to financial recovery.


There is no virtue in suffering. A situation, if not your life, can be turned around by taking affirmative action.