With Jupiter in your sign until early September the time has come to launch your ships, whether these are related to your career, personal plans or romantic aspirations. 2016 also has a fated quality about it due to three eclipses, which occur on 9th March, 1st and 16th September. Expect a bolt from the blue around these times.


If ever there was a time to fall madly, truly and deeply in love it is 2016. March, and to a lesser extent August and September, are months many Virgos will remember for the way people come and go. Should you be considering a wedding date or a special romantic occasion, 19th March could be perfect.


Some Virgos will have their fifteen minutes of fame; others will be offered a top position, and a few will feel they have lost their way. If this happens to you do not assume all is lost – you are in transition and it is going to take some months before you reach dry land. The biggest drain on your time, emotions and money is likely to be the home.


You will succeed by doing what you love; and you will always regret what you did not do, not what you did.