Jupiter’s entry into Libra (9th September) marks the beginning of an expansive and successful year-long phase of your life. By contrast, a sacrifice of some description may well be asked of you. 2016 also has its surprises, and a wedding invitation and/or a trip to a far-away location could be among them.


Easter is a romantic period of the year, and if you’re looking for excitement or a challenge put a ring around mid-September, early October and Christmas. Some Librans could face a separation from a partner, whether as a result of career changes or demands external to the relationship, but a breathing space should help rather than hinder your union.


Now is the time to consider owning your own business or ways in which you can fulfil your talents and make money in addition your regular job. Jupiter is the planet of entrepreneurs so its entry into your sign in September will help you get business ideas off the ground. Late June and late November could produce big shifts in your financial situation.


Preparation is all. Be diligent and persistent because you may not see results for your efforts until later in the year.