Last year the connections you made, the projects you set in motion and the experience you gained will bear fruit in 2016. Expectations must be aligned with reality though. A meeting or development occurring on or near 9th March could lead to great things. September is another month of bright potential.


Leos like to run the show but sharing the spotlight and the responsibilities is the key to happiness. February, mid-July to early August and December are premium periods for finding and rebooting love, and Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve could produce more than its share of Leo proposals and weddings.


Jupiter will spend almost nine months in the zone of self-worth, making this a year of financial growth and opportunity. You can do well from investments and property transactions, and Leo entrepreneurs should see an increase in their turn-over. Just be a little careful with whom you partner up financially, though.


Do not allow praise and flattery to blind you to the true natures of certain people and their motives. Value your integrity.