Jupiter’s entry into Libra marks the beginning of a year of opportunity and growth. But even before September you’ll see improvements. 2016 is the time to add to your bank of skills, whether you acquire these as a by-product of situations that are thrust upon you or you make a deliberate decision to acquire new talents.


You are beginning a new twelve-year cycle. For many Arians this will be marked by marriage or the reaffirmation of your wedding vows. And should you wish to name the day, why not opt for 1st October. However, if you have a birthday on or near 7th April or you are forty-two years of age, relationships will be volatile this year.


Preparation meets opportunity in mid-March and mid-June, and you should select these periods to make your boldest career moves. September is another month of success and growth. You may not see a dream come true but you will make progress. Late April and late October are delicate periods for finance,


Patience and forbearance will get you to the finishing post. Sabotaging situations out of frustration is not a winning strategy.